Hi, we’re SourceMedium and we’re excited to work with you!

In this document, you’ll find the steps and resources to get you started with SourceMedium.

1. Learn About SourceMedium

If you haven’t done so already, checkout What Is SourceMedium and read through some of the finer details around how we transform and help activate your data.

2. Integrate Your Data

Your onboarding and implementation team will share a unique link to our data integrations app, which you can use to grant us access to your data sources.

Included below is a prioritized list of data sources you’ll want to integrate to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

While we’ve automated the connection process for many of these data sources (please see note about our integrations app above), our Data Integrations & Inputs section has instructions for how to connect any data source within our marketplace of supported connectors.


Marketing & Advertising

Website Analytics


3. Schedule Your Analytical Deep Dive

  • As part of your onboarding and implementation process, we’ll conduct a 1-hour deep dive review of the data you’ve integrated with SourceMedium, in which a member of the SourceMedium team will walk through your data live and start to uncover some of the key questions and insights for your business
  • To give you a sense of timing, we will start populating your data within 72 hours after permissions are granted to the data sources you’d like to integrate
  • Your team will be notified by Slack or by email when your data is ready to be viewed
If you’re an enterprise customer, we’ll schedule a 1-hour requirements gathering session in lieu of this deep dive

4. Start Asking Questions

  • You have access to our Customer Solutions Analysts (CSAs) who are deeply knowledgeable in our product and e-commerce metrics, and can help answer questions related to:
    • Report functionality
    • Data accuracy
    • Customizations (after implementation period)
    • Analytical insights

5. What Happens Next?

  • If you decide to continue using SourceMedium after your initial implementation period, you’ve made the right decision
  • If you decide not to continue using SourceMedium after your initial implementation period, SourceMedium will stop ingesting your data and will delete any integrations you’ve setup

6. Communicating with the SourceMedium team

During your onboarding and implementation period, your team will have access to a shared Slack group with the SourceMedium team for direct communication. If you do not currently have access and would like to set up this shared group, please email support@sourcemedium.com .

Questions? Reach out on Slack or email support@sourcemedium.com