What Is A Managed Data Warehouse?

SourceMedium’s Managed Data Warehouse offering helps simplify data warehouse adoption, a tablestakes technology investment for businesses looking to establish a competitive advantage through data and advanced analytics.

Once we’ve ingested data from the sources you’ve integrated, we run our transformation pipeline and deliver data into a managed data warehouse instance that you can access directly.

Through this product, you’ll get:

- Data quality: We’ve collaborated with hundreds of e-commerce merchants to refine our models and decision-making frameworks to ensure our data is accurate, reliable, and intuitive no matter the analytical use case. We also conduct over 2,500 data quality tests daily to help enforce our quality standards.

- Time to value & predictability: We streamling your data infrastructure stack so you don’t have to manage a data pipeline, build models from the ground up, and navigate the unpredictability of billing, cost optimization, identity access management, security, performance, and more.

- Future-proofing: As your data needs grow alongside your business, you’ll already have the infrastructural versatility and scalability in place to 10x your capabilities.

Activating Your Managed Data Warehouse

To kickstart your journey activating the data in your Managed Data Warehouse, we offer two primary pathways to get started.

Bootstrap your BI with our base templates

While you can connect your Managed Data Warehouse to any BI tool, our base data source and report templates are a great starting point for businesses looking to quickly gain insights without the need to build charts and tables from scratch. These templates are designed around our pre-configured semantic layer (see OBT table description), helping turbocharge BI developers and data analysts.

Learn how to leverage our base data source and report templates here.

Build models inside your warehouse

For businesses with custom analytics needs that our out-of-the-box semantic layer doesn’t address, you can build customized models directly in your Managed Data Warehouse.

Learn how to extend SourceMedium’s models here.